To be Continued…..

Yep! End Chapter 1 for Velocidad. I will be taking a couple weeks to take care of behind the scenes  stuff. There will likely be a guest strip in there somewhere, a few images, and a new cover. . As you’ve noticed, Chapter 1 is about average issue length for a stand alone comic.  If you care to review, please feel free to take this chunk so far as the first issue. I would love to hear what every one thinks, and what you would like to see in the future.  I am still in the works with what I will be doing with Velocidad, whether releasing digitally or print. I will keep all developments updated here, and on other social media outlets for Velocidad.

For now though, I will be barreling forward. The action is just ratcheting up, and I have a lot of fun planned right out the gate for Chapter 2. Don’t forget, if you haven’t noticed the links on the sides of every page, you can also follow and support Velocidad on facebook and twitter.

Thanks everyone!