We’re gonna try something a little different this week. I have a double page spread……and a busy schedule, so I am going to be revealing bits and pieces this week, but will have the full page up by next Monday on the regular update day (maybe sooner). I can honestly say I’m really excited about this one and the rest of the chapter  as I’m cramming a lot of world building and introduction of new characters in the next few pages.  Luna Prima is going to be fun to draw, and I’ve been doing a lot of prep work to get things rolling(also what’s delaying me a little).

Update(12/05) Another sneak peek at the double page spread is up.  I will have the first full half(page 44) of the spread of the splash page up tomorrow!

Update(12/07) And technically page 44 is up! I will have the rest of the splash page up for page 45 hopefully tomorrow! Really happy with how this has been turning out, nd thanks for the patience all!