And it all definitely continues to hit the fan! Fortunately Myna and Luis are no slouches either.

On a fun side note, I came fairly close to not only losing this page, but my tablet as well, and going on an unscheduled hiatus. My tablet was not terribly fond of the latest Windows update, and was unresponsive. Couldn’t log in. Screen was flashing. Nothing was working. I’d finished the page, but hadn’t had the chance to post it yet. I was most concerned about the tablet though as it’s what I do most of my work on. Needless to say it was thankfully a known issue(after some serious digging), and was able to figure things out. Sorry about the delay for the page, but should hopefully be smooth sailing from here!


Just a quick note and suggestion to read the latest blog post that has a little more explanation. I know the next page has been delayed a couple weeks, but I need to just admit to myself(and to you all ) that I need to take a hiatus through the New Year. Thanks everyone for hanging in with me, and please keep checking back after the holidays!