I’ve head my head down quite a bit over the last month or so working on some freelance work(gots to pay the bills!), but I’ve had some other fun stuff happening as well. For those interested, I have an interview in the latest Self Publisher! Magazine. I talk about Velocidad and some of my other self publishing endeavors as well as my work in games, and how it’s influenced my comics work. It’s funny how much you realize it when you actually talk it out. Yo ucan down load it free here- http://mag.indyfestusa.com/store/products/self-publisher-magazine-78-pdf/

I had a great time a couple weekends back at Rose City Comic Con checking out the artwork and books from the indie comics scene. All got some really great feedback on Velocidad from the folks I got to show it to.

In the meantime, i’ll leave you with my first ever #inktober sketch of Capitan!