Events! Another reminder that I will be at the Jet City Comic Show this weekend, Nov 8th,  in Tacoma, WA. It’s a single day, very artist centric event, and would love for folks to swing by and say hello! I will have a very limited print run( less than 20!) of Issue One(Chapter One) of Velocidad to sell, as well as some of my other creator owned/ indie work. I will also be sharing the table with local writer Gil Lawson, creator of Charlatan, and a man who has more ideas in the hopper than what he knows to do with. We’ll be in Artist’s Alley at table G-04.

Questions! I’ve gotten a recent surge of traffic lately, and would love to hear where you heard of/ found Velocidad, and what you think! Being web only(with a few Con appearances), I would love to find the best ways to spread the word, and introduce more new folks to the sci-fi world I’m creating!

Thanks Everyone!