Countdown to launch starts now. Velocidad will start posting at the end of January, but in the meantime everything is getting setup to try and get the word out far and wide. You can now see some of the artwork for the strip or my own personal work on my tumblr page, You can also follow Velocidad on facebook at

I am almost 15 pages in and intend to post a page a week as well as any production or sketch work that bubbles to the top. I’m looking forward to getting this out there on the interwebs as I’ve had the kernel of this story bouncing around in my head for several years. It’s the story the little boy in me(and my own little boy) wants to tell. Fast space ships, even faster space-bikes, and space-heists…….yes, I like space.

I will update throughout the month with some of the work that has led up to the comic. Hope you will enjoy!