Well I wish I could actually juggle! I realized that I have multiple things/ projects going on at the same time, and I’m always having to switch gears…..and that’s on top of the gear switch to turn parent/ husband on! As I’m sure I mentioned before, Velocidad is a passion project for me. It kicked my love for comics back into gear, and keeps me drawing constantly. As the sole creator on Velocidad I thought I’d share some of the other fun things I work on.  Some just for fun. Some professional. Some in the hopes of being a little more professional?

Anyhow, some of you may have wandered over here from another site I will soon be a part of. Starting sometime in the next few weeks, I will be taking over the artistic chores for Genocide Man.  I will be taking over for the very talented Michael Yakutis who brought it to my attention. It’s already been a super fun project to work on. I’m already almost a full issue in, and am really enjoying the characters, and the challenge of working from something already established(it’s 14 Chapters in) and working from someone else’s vision.

What’s Genocide Man? Well, it was created by Remus Shepherd who has been at for a long time, and (from the site) “Genocide Man is going to be a humorous, sci-fi comic based on the exploits of Jacob Doe, a man whose job is to kill people in mass quantities”.  It’s not as morbid as it sounds, and there’s some really great character interaction. Like I said, I’m really enjoying it, and still have more to go!

Does it impact Velocidad? Well, so far so good. I am currently sticking to my one page a week, which seems to be working just fine for me. All of this started after my unscheduled hiatus, so no worries here. I’m just happy to be drawing so much.

So like I said, keep an eye out if you would like to see more of my work. Also head on over and catch up! There’s a ton to read! Here’s a quick peek at a piece for the next Chapter!