You may have seen this picture on some of my other feeds, but I thought I would share a piece I did a couple weeks back . One of my early comic influences was a comic called Atari Force. There were a series of pack-in comics that came with Atari 2600 cartridges based on a few of their properties. It was a sci-fi comic, and they were sort made to sort of loosely¬†tie together their sci-fi games. I think it was very early 80′s(maybe late 70′s).

Around 82-83 DC launched Atari Force as a mini-series that ended up stretching to 24 issues. This was just before I started reading a lot of the super hero stuff. I read Conan, and Star Wars, and the occasional mini. This was beautiful stuff. It was drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. The DC artist. If you ever had a lunchbox, or a t-shirt growing up…or any DC merchandise for that matter…. it was like his art on it. It was super clean. Great anatomy. Excellent detail. A slight European edge. It just brought this sci-fi universe to life. For a licensed comic, this was surprisingly solid stuff. It was serious, but fun. It took place a generation after all of the pack-ins, but in a clever way.

It’s also one of the first comics that helped me learn about comic stores. Up til then I’d been getting my comics off the spinner rack at Fred Myers. We tracked a store down on one of our trips to visit my grandparents in CA. A WHOLE store devoted to comics! (remember…early 80′s folks). This was definitely an eye opener, and fanned the flames a little.

Anyhow, all the recent ‘events’ at DC and Marvel have brought back a lot of classic characters, and storylines(Convergence, Secret Wars), and got me thinking about some of the comics that I missed. This one’s never far from my brain, so I thought I would try my hand at some of the old characters. Like I said. It was knee deep in the 80′s, and this character is Tempest. Yep, he had a huge flowing mullet. A little Duran Duran on top and party in the back.