Man! You’d think with the action ramping up, these pages would be coming fast and furious! Sorry for the spat of recent delays. Been wrapping up some of my freelance things(the things that pay the bills!), and ramping up to get the kids back to school. Squeezed in a last camping trip before we get back to the grind too! Also trying to prep the pages for a short print run for Chapter Two for….an upcoming convention!

I am super excited to be showing at Rose City Comic Con this year. I squeezed in at the last minute…quite literally. I got in my application, and within the hour, they tweeted that Artist’s Alley was full! Rose City is in Portland, OR, and will be their Sat, Sep 19 and Sunday the 20th. I will be sharing a table with the talented Gilby Lawson .

We’ll also be sharing a table at the Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, Wa(Oct 31, Nov 1). I’m hoping the cosplay on Haloween is going to be ridiculous! I’m hoping by then to have a short run for Chapter Three as well!

So thanks for being patient folks! I’m really looking forward to the shows, and to wrap this Chapter up! For fun here’s a recent sketch of Ana I did in my sketchbook. enjoy!