Just wanted to keep folks updated so they don;t think I’m MIA. I actually have this week’s page done, but my tablet that I do all my work on was apparently not crazy about the last Window’s update. It’s perpetually hanging on the start up screen AND the screen is flashing on and off. Fun times as I’m not crazy about the idea of having to invest in a new tablet. Not the right time financially. AND I do quite a bit of my freelance work on it as well.

So! Hoping to iron things out ASAP, so I can actually get the new page up and get back to work! I’ll likely just update next week, Wednesday to give time to get things worked out. In the meantime here is a quick glimpse of a Work-In-Progress I posted on Instagram. Speaking of which of you’d like to see early glimpses of Velocidad or some of my other work, you can follow me on Instagram here- https://www.instagram.com/kasey.quevedo/