Hey, all.

For those that keep checking in, thanks so much! It’s been a crazy month, and leading into another one. It always is a little jab in the side when I see in my page stats that I am on the ‘irregular’ webcomic list for someone’s personal list. Sometimes maybe i just posted later in the week, but sometimes it’s definitely warranted when I’ve missed a week. Thanks for staying on me, unknown reader for keeping it real! It’s time to just suck it up, and admit I am officially on hiatus.

I’m heading back to CA for the holidays for the 1st time in a few years to see family and friends, and had to up the timetable due to a family member’s waning health. This of course makes all my other things due that much earlier, and I need to take care of my freelance obligations to keep the lights on. On TOP of that, I may be making a big move geographically due to an exciting new gig(still waiting) which will throw another curve ball.

All that said, instead of stressing that I’m running behind or trying to squeeze something in I’m going to take a break until the New Year…and maybe even get a few pages ahead! I’ll try and throw up some peeks on my Instagram or twitter if you already follow. I’m also really excited about the next year as I’m hoping to wrap up the 1st 5 issue arc. I I end up moving it will also open up some possibilities to try out some new Cons that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to attend or even show at!

I’ll keep you all updated. In the meantime, if you;re fairly new….well, there are 3 issues to catch up on! If you’ve been around, please feel free to share, and introduce Velocidad to new readers.  I would love to share with as many folks as possible.

Everyone have a great holidays!!

-Kasey Quevedo