Hey, all! It’s been a while since I’ve piped up with anything new. I feel like I’ve managed to get back in the groove of things, and successfully work Velocidad back into my schedule. It’s been nice to get back in, and even get ahead(…mostly :) ) Now that I’ve dived back in, I had to finish scripting the last Chapter of this 1st arc. I’ve had a solid outline, but it’s been time to flesh it out. Really excited about what’s coming down the pike(and kicking myself for making myself draw ALL the things!). As we head into the last stretch next chapter, I plan to start exploring print options. I’ve done small(very small) runs for local Cons, but I’d like to share Velocidad with folks far and wide. Still contemplating individual issues vs just doing a full trade.

First I’ll give a small heads up that there may be a skip week at the start of July. I’ll be heading back to see my family for the first time in several months(been working in a different state), so I’ll likely be focusing on time with them.

As the blog title reads, I’ve relaunched Velocidad on Tapastic. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a great place to discover and read webcomics, and they have a great app for reading on you’re mobile device too. I’ve started back from #1, and only changed things slightly by making all the gutters black. Actually very happy with how it makes things pop off the page. If you already read you webcomics there, or know any one that does feel free to recommend Velocidad!

Last thing that was a pleasant surprise. Even this many years in, I still check my hits on the page fairly regularly. I can sometimes see where people have followed a link from. Well I was fortunate enough to get on list of sci-fi webcomics from David Brin! It was brief mention, and there wasn’t the detail about Velocidad as some of the others, but I’ll take it. I’m amongst good company, and there’s some on there that I plan on checking out. Earth was one of my favorite books that I always thought was a pretty unique premise….also very prescient. Anyhow, it was a highlight for me, just to be mentioned, and thought I would share.