All this social media stuff is intimidating! Having decided to make Velocidad an online only endeavor, I learned quickly that I would need to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty learning all the various avenues to get the word out. I think I’ve come out the other side with my head intact, but Velocidad should now have good coverage most everywhere. As of this weekend you can now follow us on Twitter! We are also on facebook if you’d like to….um, ‘Like’ us there too. If you’d like to see more artwork both about Velocidad, and some of my own work, feel free to follow me on tumblr, and for likely more comic oriented work you can visit my DeviantArt page. I’ve managed to deliver some freebie bookmarks to some local comic shops in the Puget Sound, and have had some great volunteers handing them out throughout the states.

So….if you keep coming back, and you enjoy what your reading, pass the word along. Re-tweet, share, reblog away to your hearts content.  Don’t forget new strips are out every Monday, and tomorrow’s is ready to go.


Kasey Quevedo

-Creator of Velocidad



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