Hey everybody. Visiting here for the first time? Well you just stumbled upon 5 free comics worth of story! I just recently wrapped up a three (more/ less?) of a passion project of mine. When I started I had an initial story I wanted to tell, and as of a couple weeks ago, I finally wrapped it up! So get reading! Because….

It may be coming down soon. Velocidad has always been an outlet for me creatively, but I will be honest in that I am not the greatest marketer of myself. I expanded readership a little by placing it on Tapastic not too long ago, but again, I’ve just not had the extra bandwidth to properly promote the book. Thankfully someone is currently interested in sharing Velocidad with a wider audience. I can’t share the details quite yet, but part of that deal is Velocidad would have to presented freshly (page 1) to the new audience….which means this would be more of an info page about the book.

So for those of you who HAVE been reading, make sure to catch up! I’m already in the midst of planning the next arc. It may be a tad ways out, but as I mentioned before, I’ve had far to much fun in this little world of mine that I’ve created to jump ship now. In fact as of last night I just wrapped the script for Volume 2, Issue 2(#7?). I was going to take a break, but the story itself has just been itching to get out, so I’ve been obliging. As a place holder I thought I’d share some of the concepts I’ve been toying with.

Thanks! And more news soon.